The Ultimate Guide on how to Become a Database Administrator

There are many tasks that DBAs perform, and the list of things DBAs do vary from
job to job. Regardless of the way you start how to become a sql dba developer you can find many online resources for self-study. This content has been made available for informational purposes only.

  • The Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP) was founded in 1973 to create industry standards.
  • Certifications are always a good idea if you want to grow your skillset and stand out from the crowd.
  • This leads to the other main SQL DBA responsibility; troubleshooting.
  • If you have a knack for IT, computers, and data, read on to see whether a career as a database administrator aligns with your goals.
  • With the right aptitude, the proper training and a clear focus on your goals, you can develop the skills necessary for a career in database administration—but it may take some time.
  • You may not have a chance to learn
    or use all of these features during your career.

Depending on the Team you work with or company, the skills requirements may vary. It will also depend on your experience level (Junior, Intermediate, or Senior DBA). In many companies, DBAs are on-call if they have databases that must be online
24/7. Regardless of a DBA involvement in databases development DBAs write T-SQL scripts
and often create tables, stored procedures, views, etc.

Are SQL certifications worth it?

While propelling their careers, experts should work to develop both field-explicit abilities and personal skills because managerial level positions require both written and interpersonal communication skills. This course is designed for clearing the Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) exam. The complete course is created by industry experts for professionals to get top jobs in the best organizations. The entire Microsoft DBA certification training includes real-world projects and highly valuable case studies. You will also receive a course completion certificate by Microsoft for Administering Microsoft® SQL Server® Database.

The last specialty is application database administration, which concentrates on integrating applications into databases. Application database administrators also write and debug programs and maintain applications. Relevant job titles include database programmer, database software developer, and database engineer. If they are using some little-known, obscure platform instead, it doesn’t hurt to get certified in a lesser known platform so you can kick off your DBA career. But, you should still look at supplementing your entry-level database administrator resume and increasing your marketability later on with something more common. If you don’t already have a job and are looking to start, then first make sure you research the available database platforms.

Continuing Education for Database Administrators

These are just some of the topics, and their implementation varies between Oracle and Microsoft. Learning about these topics will make you become a more effective DBA. If you’re interested in learning SQL online, you can read guide on online SQL tutorials here. It offers a potential opportunity for you to explore various competitive openings in the corporate world and find a well-paid job, matching your profile.

how to become a sql dba

Our SQL Server DBA course covers all the topics that are required to clear SQL Server DBA certification. Trainer will share SQL Server DBA certification guide, SQL Server DBA certification sample questions, SQL Server DBA certification practice questions. Fill out the form to request a call from an admissions counselor and receive more information about our programs.

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You may not have a chance to learn
or use all of these features during your career. This might be challenging (to try
to learn all of them), but a good thing about this is that there is always something
new to learn and try. You can improve things, automate things, help the business solve their problems with
reports or other database solutions.

  • Our SQL Server DBA course covers all the topics that are required to clear SQL Server DBA certification.
  • You might need six months or a couple of years’ experience before you get to this point, depending on the company you work for.
  • Microsoft suggests those seeking this certification first familiarize themselves with Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals.

This leads to the other main SQL DBA responsibility; troubleshooting. Databases, like any other IT resource, can and will encounter issues, errors and unplanned downtime. It is the role of DBAs to combat conundrums and minimize the likelihood of outages.

Was it challenging to find a job in the field?

Intellipaat’s certification is awarded upon completing the project work after it is reviewed by experts. This certification is recognized by some of the biggest companies, including Cisco, Cognizant, Mu Sigma, TCS, Genpact, Hexaware, Sony, Ericsson, and others. Upon the completion of the SQL Server DBA certification training, you will have quizzes that will help you prepare for the Microsoft certification exam and score top marks. Furthermore, you will be familiarized with various aspects of SQL server, creation and modification of databases, and more. With Intellipaat’s training, I made a career transition from recruiter to system administrator with a 50% salary hike.

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